Hyundai Assurance Trade-In Value Guarantee Offered to Charlotte Hyundai Customers

Charlotte Hyundai buyers will be happy to learn that they can know their new car’s future trade-in value at the time of purchase with the Hyundai Assurance Trade-In Value Guarantee. This ensures guaranteed value down the road for their new purchase.

This program future-proofs the value of Charlotte Hyundai shoppers’ vehicles by guaranteeing today exactly how much they will be worth a few years from the day of purchase. At the time the vehicle is bought, customers will be provided with an assessment of the vehicle’s future value for months 24-48 based on an independent source to guarantee value.

Charlotte Hyundai drivers will then be able to trade-in their qualifying vehicle towards the purchase of a new Hyundai vehicle when they return to purchase a new Hyundai during months 24 through 48 of ownership.

Charlotte Hyundai Dealer Offers Hyundai Assurance Trade-In Value Guarantee

During the trade-in process, Charlotte Hyundai customers’ vehicles will be assessed to determine its current market value, which will then be compared to the guaranteed value. There are two potential scenarios at this stage of the transaction; if the vehicle is worth less than what was guaranteed, the customer will receive the higher guaranteed trade-in value amount, minus any applicable mileage charges or damage costs. If the vehicle is worth more than the guaranteed amount, the customer receives the higher amount.

The higher of either the guaranteed value or the current market value can be applied to the Charlotte Hyundai shopper’s Charlotte Hyundaipurchase of a new Hyundai. The guaranteed value must be applied towards the purchase of a new Hyundai, financed through Hyundai Motor Finance (HMF), and only when a customer shows proof of all required vehicle maintenance at authorized Hyundai dealerships.

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