Charlotte Hyundai Now Deals and News Keep Customers in the Know

The Charlotte Hyundai Now promotions offer special deals and prices on select Hyundai models that are always changing. Customers can “stay in the now” by following Hyundai Now on Twitter, which provides information on Hyundai promotions, launches and products.

Hyundai Now provides the latest Hyundai model information, sales and promotions, new features of the latest models, and much more. For Charlotte Hyundai Now promotions, customers can type in their zip code on certain links to offers and find out exactly what types of deals they can take advantage of in their area.

For example, Charlotte Hyundai Now followers will find that there are special finance offers on select models including the 2012 Accent. Customers can receive special APR Financing as low as 1.9% for 36 months or 2.9% for 48 months until February 29th.

Charlotte Hyundai Now Followers Learn of Great Promotions and Savings

Another great offer that Charlotte Hyundai Now enthusiasts will find is a $1,500 Valued Owner Coupon Offer that is also Charlotte Hyundai Nowavailable until February 29th. This offer is good for a register owner of a vehicle distributed by Hyundai Motor America and is good for the new 2011 Hyundai Azera.

Charlotte Hyundai Now followers can also find valuable information on the newest models like the highly anticipated 2012 Azera, as well as links to other prominent Hyundai social media pages that offer even more information, photos and more on select Hyundai models.

On top if current promotions, Hyundai Now also offers reminders for promotions that will be ending very soon so that customers can take advantage of them while they last. They also provide information about any sweepstakes, contests and events that Hyundai fans can take advantage of and participate in.

Keffer Hyundai encourages their customers to follow Hyundai Now to keep themselves informed of the latest and greatest offers available in the Charlotte area. You can also contact Keffer Hyundai directly for any current specials they are offering on their extensive Hyundai inventory by calling 704-754-8387 or you can visit them online at

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